Health insurance to obtain the NIE. Requirements and coverage.HEALTH INSURANCE FOR FOREIGNERS IN SPAIN: DETAILED GUIDE

Within the regulatory framework for obtaining residency in Spain, obtaining health insurance becomes a requirement for foreigners. This article focuses on exploring the essential features of these health policies to meet the demanded requirements.

The Importance of Having the Appropriate Health Insurance

Spanish legislation dictates that foreigners wishing to reside in Spain must apply for the Certificate of Registration as a Union Citizen or the Residence Permit. In both cases, as previously mentioned, having health insurance becomes an essential requirement.

Special Features of Health Insurance for Foreigners:

Health insurance must cover the same benefits as the National Health System. Additionally, it is crucial that they meet two essential requirements: they must be without copayments and without waiting periods.

DKV also meets these requirements, offering comprehensive coverage without copayment and eliminating waiting periods. Moreover, it has a feature that sets it apart from all other insurances in Spain: there is no age limit for contracting the insurance.

Regarding the payment method, no specific requirement is established. However, it is demanded that the insurance be in force for the following 12 months. Therefore, from DKV, we recommend considering annual payment when contracting these health insurances. This way, the insured can demonstrate having health insurance for a year, complying with this requirement. DKV offers the possibility of having coverage for 12 months from the moment of contracting, providing a certificate that guarantees the insured complies with the required requirements for the next 12 months.

Final Conclusions

Health insurance for foreigners becomes a crucial requirement to reside in Spain, and choosing the right option involves carefully considering individual needs and preferences. DKV stands out for its comprehensive care and flexible options, providing peace of mind and access to a wide range of medical services. The final choice of insurance will ultimately depend on the personal circumstances and specific needs of each individual.